Jan 1 2011

The African Elephant Poo Houses

elephant poo house
I’ve spent a lot of time to entitle this article and I still have no idea, how to do it properly, how to introduce my thoughts clearly :).

I put the article into the Management category, so now I will try to point all the connections with the topic.

Sometimes, in the lifetime the moment comes and we want to run a project. We think, we analyze, we try to predict all the possible problems and barriers. But there is one special category of projects — IT projects, computer science projects, like games, huge dekstop applications — which must be developed in a special manner.

Huge poooop

Let’s assume there is some client, our sponsor, who finance the project. He expects from us effects and realization the project in VISIBLE results. He doesn’t care about the code and a technological, inner solutions. The application must work and be finished, as rapid as possible. Such a kind of approach causes the applications to look like a house built by gluing successive elements with elephant’s poop :).

From the outside it resembles a cottage, but the closer you are the brighter is a look of the poop. The worst things is when it becomes to refurbish or introduce some changes to the house. The constructor comes and scrapes off a bit of poo and fills a loss with another dose of poop OR brick. Everything is in his hands, his will and skills.

Finished building

The application developed in this way looks(at the surface) good and useful, but the issues it generates for people creating it may be crushing. Even, as a programmer you have to have balls, to make a long shot decision, which can have an influence on your next few days and nights of fixing your and your pals mistakes.

To continue…

And that’s the way how the product, made half of poop and half of brick, lands in the market. From the programmer’s point of view it’s some kind of massacre. However, the client is happy, because he’s got what he wants – FEATURES.

Some people can say, it’s a pathological situation, but on the other hand it pushes all the market forward. Creates vacancies. Brings about the implementation of interesting ideas. Despite of the shell the house can bear many hurricanes. It can be always shaped up and patched. The foundation is in smart marketing showing advantages to the customers.

Aug 19 2010

Memorable First Project

There is no doubt every geek remembers his first time… :D. First project, which introduced his world into the World of Computer Science. I mean the applicable part of Computer Science.


I remember, like it was yesterday. I was playing with my brother in our first computer game. Our first computer – a present, 386SX. The most important game at that time was Bomberman. Up to this days it is one of my favorite. That multilayer mode, it was mindblowing! As you can see ;). (no damage no fun)
There was no end of the amusement.

One day my dad came and said: “computer is not for games only”. He borrowed for us a book about QuickBasic written by Rita Belserene(still resting on my shelf, not Rita, the book ;-)!). Up to these days her last name reminds me this. And that’s how it started.

QuickBasic IDE

My first task was to write a calculator app. Even today when I learn a new dev platfrom I start with calculator(just after hello world). Addition, substraction, multiplication, division. After that I implemented some colors. Just to make it looks nice. And all that things inside DOS console. Do you believe?

Unfortunately, the code and screenshots did not survive, maybe it’s better ;>.

However, to refresh the memories, how programming looked like in that time, I include some QuickBasic code.

LOCATE 12,30
color 10
PRINT "Hello, world!"

At the very beginning, we did the programming together with my brother, but he hadn’t grown fond of it. My adventure lasts up to this days…

Jul 17 2010

Written Word

Inspired by surrounding people I decided to run my own blog. I hope it will be some kind of mix of regular and dev blog.

Mack’s Corner will be the spot where I will describe all my latest adventures ;), not only those related to the computers. Finally, maybe it will motivate me to publish a bunch of information about my old and current projects. Some of them may be interesting. Some of them, never implemented concepts, can inspire You.

As you probably see the written word is not my strong side(especially in English 😉 ), but I live my life with one simple rule on my mind, we must eliminate out weak points and try to face new challenges every day. Today my challenge is to systematically write texts and translate it to English. It will all come out in the wash.

So now I send greetings to all readers and I look forward to Your comments. And corrections.